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Last analog cig. on 12-06-2016!

It feel´s soooo fucking great!.

2-YEARS + 8 Month

without cig. on 12-02-2019!



To a cloudy world…

A place where i´ll describe my vaping-live. It all started with a recommendation from a colleague cause he is a “vaper”. After some short research i ordered directly a beginner set from E-Leaf the IJUST2 and the fun started on 12-06-2016 after work. Impressed over the taste and easy using i knew directly…i´ll stick with this!. Since the 12-06-2016 i never touched a anlog cigarette again…hej it just stinks!. The best of all is…i´m allowed to e-smoke at work. Never stress up to hide for a smoke…no…just enjoy now the tasty vapes during worktime whenever i want.

To be continued…
To be continued…
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Always Remember * There is no 18650 with a factory/manufacturer rating over 30A continuous. * There is no 3000mAh 18650 that can have a rating over 20A continuous. * There is no 3100mAh-3600mAh 18650 that can have a rating over 10A continuous. * There is no 18650 available to vapers that has a capacity rating over 3600mAh. According to Mooch
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